Creating a beautiful brand to evoke positive emotions

Many refer to their logo as their brand. It is essential to have a great logo to act as a cornerstone of a great brand; however, it is much broader than that. The “brand name” represents the name of the company. The “brand” extends much beyond this and is often considered to be one of a company’s most significant assets.

We think of it as a set of emotions, graphic representations and attributes which define a company, product or service. It also encapsulates the qualities and characteristics of a company to control the perception consumers have. It is what people think about your company when they see or hear its name. I’ve worked with hundreds of companies to create brands they can be proud of, to help their business grow.

Some of our brand services

We design and deliver new brands as well as refreshing existing one, to help them stand out in an increasingly busy marketplace. 

Logo/brand design

Creative, clear and effective visual identity

Brand guidelines

Ensuring visual consistency in every piece of communication


Getting you noticed with creativecollateral solutions


Establishing a clear brand strategy and execution plan

Take a look at some example brands we've developed