Web Design Lifecycle

We have designed and developed hundreds of websites and are experts in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. We have a thorough and robust web design lifecycle to ensure we can deliver the highest quality product which is tailored to each client.

01. Research

Before the initial requirement gathering phase takes place, we ensure we’ve done thorough research into our client and their sector to ensure we can best advise them during the requirements gathering phase.

02. Discovery / Requirement Gathering

This is the most critical stage as it will determine the approach taken in the following phases. The key here is to determine the key goals of the website and then how they translate into the technical specification and functionality. 

03. Wireframing

The wireframing stage is the bridge between research and design. It lets the team test-drive ideas and iterate quickly, therefore not only does it save us time, but it also makes the process more robust, the vision clearer and the rationale more valid. The outcome of this phase is usually a set of user flows and wireframes.

04. Design

Building from the information gathered from phases 1-3, it’s now time to determine the look and feel of the site. This is determined by the client’s identities guidelines as well as the target audience.

05. Development

This is where the site comes to life, and we turn the designs into a dynamic website. We develop our websites on a WordPress framework to ensure they use the latest in modern technology, with plugins and code used to accommodate more bespoke features and advanced functionality. We ensure all of our sites are developed with accessibility and responsiveness in mind. 

06. Testing

It is essential every nook and cranny of the website is tested, all links, browser compatibility, forms, features and functionality. This phase will be repeated post-go-live to ensure everything is working as expected.

07. Approval/Launch

After the website has been checked and rechecked, we get the client to do a final review and approve. The site will then be made live, and we all celebrate!

08. Maintenance

The launch of the website is not the end, especially with the increased prevalence of cyber attacked and security vulnerabilities. We continue to nurture the website to ensure all maintenance, such as Framework, plugin and theme updates, is complete, and the site remains stable and secure.

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